David House Music Ministry ~ Come Let Me Bless You

The Bitter Cup
David House Music Ministry ~ The Bitter Cup

I observed how casual some of us had become during Holy Communion.   I was convicted that this special time and act of forgiveness, deliverance, healing and fellowship with Jesus had almost developed into a religious routine.   I repented and began to write down the words for the song, "The Bitter Cup".   Taking the bread and the wine is a wonderful experience when I remember what happened to Jesus soon after the Last Supper.   Seeing the "Passion" movie really made me stay more aware of the reason for Communion.

Look Up
David House Music Ministry ~ Look Up

The song "Look Up" was written just days before 9-11.   I don't dwell on end time things, but anyone paying attention at all to the events in the world can see that the information in the Bible, about the season of the times, should at least question whether or not the world as we know it is ripe for change.   "Happy Anniversary Honey" was written for our 25th wedding anniversary.   I would sing it to Barbara once a year for 15 years.   People who heard it liked it very much, so I decided to include it on this recording.

We Should Be Shouting
David House Music Ministry ~ We Should Be Shouting

I finished "We Should Be Shouting" about a week before Rick Riggins, Mark McAfee and I went on our second trip to South Africa, and Lessuto. The powerful work of God there was eye opening and awesome. The spiritual hunger and openness to the message of the Lord made a lasting impression . Those people are ready to dance, sing and shout at the strike of a guitar cord. The power and presense of the Holy Spirit of God in the meetings would leave us broken. "The Master" was written to try to describe what we experienced there.

David House Music Ministry ~ Children in Maseru, Lesotho in South Africa David House Music Ministry ~ David and Monty House jam session
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